Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silent Hill 2 Novel Extra Info

-Front cover-
The front cover uses the cover from the Japanese version of Silent Hill 2.

-Back cover-

"He received a letter from his beloved wife.
A woman who had died three years ago.
“I’ll be waiting for you in our ‘special place’”
Could Mary really be waiting in Silent Hill?
In this town that holds far too many memories.
There are many suspicious people there; including Maria, a mysterious woman who resembles his late wife.
A red demon restlessly looms in the shadows.
Can James discover the truth in Silent Hill?
What message is his wife trying to send from beyond the grave?"


The page opposite the table of contents bears this dedication: "To Mary".


  1. Will you do this for the Silent Hill 1, 3 and the Movie novelizations as well?

  2. Note: By "this" I mean posting pics of the front/back covers and back cover summary translations.

  3. a silent hill the movie translation would be interesting :)