Saturday, April 23, 2011

Look what came in the mail today...

Here we have the remaining SH novels: Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill 3, and the movie. They're all in very nice condition for used books. The only disappointment is that SH3 didn't have the Robbie the rabbit bookmark. Which is okay I guess, seeing as I still have my cool PH/Incubus bookmark from the SH2 novel. I was also a bit surprised to see how much smaller the movie novel is. Also, aside from some screenshots in the first few pages, the movie novel has no pictures or illustrations. :(

Right now I'm a little over halfway through chapter 5, but it's coming along well. While the novel does follow the story of the games very closely, this particular chapter has some pretty interesting things in it, including a particularly heart-breaking segment from Angela's point of view. So look forward to it! There's only two more chapters until we reach the end...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

【Hatsune Miku】Talent Sampler[English/Romaji]

☊illustration: akka・mirto
☊encode 7@


You are my
Guinea pig
Lying down flat...

You are filled with
Good, useful talents
Because I wanted them more than anything
I took up my knife

A strange feeling
A sweet sensation
Both are pleasant
But in the blink of an eye

What!? What is this!?
What’s wrong?
Just now, right before my eyes
You grew still

As you shiver
Your lips begin to move
What are you saying?
I took a knife to you without listening

An unknown feeling
An impossible feeling
I don’t know
But I want to understand completely

What!? What is this!?
What was that thing I saw?
Just now, right before my eyes
I grew still

I received that
I received this too
A patched-up connection
Not accustomed to you by any means

What? What is this?
What’s wrong?
Just now, right before my eyes
You grew still

I cried, I cried
Discharged at the corner time
And now I lie
On the operating table

I am your...


Kimi wa boku no jikkendai ni
Yoko ninatte shimatte irunda

Afure ta kimi no sainou yoi na
Boku niwakete hoshii kara mesu wo totta yo

Fushigi na kanshoku, kimochiyoi kanshoku
Doremo yoi kaikan demoattoiu mano jikan 

Nandatte nandatte
Konna koto shichattan darou
Kimi ga ima me no mae de
Ugokana kunattanda

Furueru kimi ha kuchi wo ugoka shita
Naniwo ittteruno kika naide mesu wo iretayo 

Fumei na kankaku, funou na kankaku
Shiranai SHIRANAI demo shitte shimaitaiyo 

Nandatte nandatte
Konna mono michi yattandarou
Boku wa ima me no mae de
Ugokena kunattanda 

Sore wo choudai na, kore mo choudai na
Totemo keitsuna korekushon
Doushite mo kimi ni narenai 

Nandatte nandatte
Konna koto shichattan darou
Kimi ga ima me no mae de
Ugokana kunattanda 

Naitatte naitatte
Tarenagasu sumikko no jikan
Boku wa ima yoko ni naru
Jikkendai no ue 

Boku wa kimi no...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silent Hill 2 Novel Extra Info

-Front cover-
The front cover uses the cover from the Japanese version of Silent Hill 2.

-Back cover-

"He received a letter from his beloved wife.
A woman who had died three years ago.
“I’ll be waiting for you in our ‘special place’”
Could Mary really be waiting in Silent Hill?
In this town that holds far too many memories.
There are many suspicious people there; including Maria, a mysterious woman who resembles his late wife.
A red demon restlessly looms in the shadows.
Can James discover the truth in Silent Hill?
What message is his wife trying to send from beyond the grave?"


The page opposite the table of contents bears this dedication: "To Mary".