Monday, March 28, 2011

A quick question for my subcribers

Would you guys prefer that I translate one book start to finish, or should I work on several at a time? The upside to working on just one would be that you'll get the chapters faster, but the upside to working on several at once would be that you don't have to wait as long for a new book (since translating one book takes months).

I'll probably keep going through SH2 since I'm already about halfway through the book, so this question really applies to when I'm finished. For example, should I start on SH1 and continue until it's finished, or should I do a chapter of 1, then 3, then movie ect. ?

I guess it doesn't really matter, it just depends on whether you want to wait longer for chapters or books. Anyway, please let me know what you think!

EDIT: So it's settled, I'll go one at a time then.  So look forward to SH1 as soon as I finish up 2!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silent Hill 2 - Chapter 4

Silent Hill 2 : The Official Novel

By Sadamu Yamashita
Translated by
Emily "Lady Ducky" Fitch

Chapter Four -Patient Records-

Monday, March 21, 2011

【Hatsune Miku】Walk![English/Romaji]

WARNING! Contains colossal amounts of adorable! Diabetics should probably avoid this video.

Music: Yuukichan
Lyrics: N3
Video: Ponkan


I suddenly noticed that I have been standing still
I'm afraid to move my feet and take a step forward

The shady roadside is empty without the breeze
Progress made before a long journey; isn't it useless now?

Even if you're aware of that, why not just walk?
Criticism and mistakes will happen; but courage doesn't come from hate

Beyond the end of the tracks, surely there's a station
Just before you give up, hopes and dreams wait for you there

I started walking along the road that continues ahead
Before my eyes are flowers; above my head is the beautiful sky
As long as I'm on this road, I'll follow it to the horizon
Even though it's still too far away to see, I go straight toward the light

Even after walking for a long time, the light's still far
I looked back and saw how far I'd come

Even in a 42km marathon, you'll reach the finish line eventually
Even your most distant dreams; I'm sure you'll reach them someday

I started walking along the road that continues ahead
A small river flows by with its refreshing sound
As long as I still have hope, I can walk to the horizon
To the hope that radiantly shines


The road that continues ahead, continues on forever
As long as you hold your hopes and dreams in your heart
And as long as I keep walking, one day I'll find the light
When that time comes, I'll believe in walking forward

I started walking along the road that continues ahead
Before my eyes are flowers; above my head is the beautiful sky
With every step I take, my heart swells with anticipation
We can even walk beyond the ends of the earth



Coming Soon!